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About the Founder

Prof. Dr. Maha Senan

The IACMS was founded in 2018 by Prof. Dr. M. Senan to service the patients in the central Asian and European countries, with a simple and effective cure.

Dr. Senan was an extremely accomplished and rare medical specialist of the highest calibre. He was a doctor’s doctor. He was amongst a few doctors in comparative medicine, having studied and practiced all pathies (Homeopathy, Allopathy, Acupuncture, Bach Flower and Naturopathy). In his long career he treated innumerable patients suffering from so called incurable and obstinate diseases, who had lost hope after trying treatment with the best, in conventional care. He usually took cases which were given up by the practitioners of other streams of medicine.

He was also a great teacher. For almost 20 years taught the art and knowledge of homeopathy. He was doing it very systematically. He honestly shared endless knowledge and experience with his students.

His dedication can be fathomed by the fact that he fell down unconscious while consulting a patient though he himself was sick. That was his last patient. He never revived after that. His legacy shall be carried on by his students and patients who refer him.

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Years of Experience

Homeopathy Cures!


Armenian-Indian Medical Centre, The centre was opened in 17th July, 2018.

The main method of treatment in our centre is homeopathy, which is practiced in many countries, including Armenia, where it has a history of 25 years. The medical centre is licensed by the government of Republic of Armenia. The Centre employs highly qualified doctors (MD, PHD) trained in India and London (MD, PG) and regularly hosts renowned homeopaths.

Medical consultations are carried out here and appropriate treatment is prescribed (homeopathic, classical). Our doctors have a long history of curing extremely complex diseases. It provides relief to patients suffering from so called incurable ailments. All the doctors of the Armenian-Indian Medical Centre have been trained in by Prof. Dr. Vettiattyl Padman Mahasenan (hereinafter referred to as Prof. Senan). Prof. Senan has been training Armenian doctors since 2003. At Yerevan State Medical University after Heratsi. Over the years, the professor has personally trained many Armenian doctors at his Centre for Chronic Diseases in Calcutta, India, and introduced them to the secrets of not only homeopathic but also classical medicine.

Some of the best professionals in the training have received postgraduate and Fellowships in homeopathic medicine under the direct supervision of a professor at London College of Homeopathy, London. The Armenian-Indian Medical Centre was opened in Yerevan on 17th July, 2018 under the auspices of the professor.

It is currently the only specialized homeopathic medicine centre in the region, which provides high-quality medical care, as evidenced by the numerous patients treated from Armenia and European countries. The centre has become not only a clinical, but also a scientific-educational centre of homeopathy.

Professor Senan provided continued guidance and education that continued until his sad demise. He delivered numerous lectures, online training for Armenian physicians, discussions of complex clinical cases, and counseling for the centre's patients. The professor's support to the centre's doctors during the Covid-19 epidemic in Armenia is invaluable.

Vertebral Hernia

S.S. 27 Yrs Male

On 02/02/2014 the patient reported me with severe pain on both legs from back to the heel Pain was more from left side.

Pain didn’t allow him to get rest. After every 5 minutes he had to walk which decreased the pain a little bit.

MRI- described vertebral hernia on the level of L4-L5= 15mm
Was diagnosed as both side Sciatica with left side prevalence.
Case was taken in detail, individualization and repertorisation.
Homeopathy prescription was done according the Law of Totality and Similimum.




K.A. 40 Yrs Male

On 18.10.2011, the patient complained of allergic red eruption along with swelling and after any mixed food. Very often emergancy call, dropping of Dexamethason

Was diagnosed like Urticaria and or Qwincke Edema
After case taking and individualization, prescription was made according to the law of similimum



Abdomen & Digestive Complications

L. K., 44 Yrs Female

Patient complained that after 4 yrs after marriage she was not getting pregnant. Once she had miscarriage in 6 wee. She got pregnant in 2007 she got pregnant and under care of a gynaecologist. Delivered by caesarean section. After this she again could not get pregnant. She had herpes of genitals after miscarriage. After marriage she had genital infection, leucorrhoea yellowish green, offensive, profuse, pain in the vagina. She had taken a lot of antibiotics and hormones. During pregnancy found out stones in the gall bladder. After 3 months of delivery, started nausea, vomiting & vertigo. She was continuously not feeling well. In 2014 she surgically removed the gall bladder.

After 1 year again started nausea and vomiting. Was diagnosed with erosive gastritis. Pain in the stomach, < after 6-7pm, spring and autumn, burning, distension, > motion. Eructation, heartburn, nausea < before menses, during and after menses some 2 -3 days; < morning. Distension of abdomen with offensive gases. Alternate constipation and loose stool. Sometimes she feels as if food staying in oesophagus. Headache since 20 years, it is starting from vertex, or right or left side of the head. Pressing pain, as if some heavy weight put on head < before or after menses; stomach upset; sun, noise, acute odours; > yawning, lying down, sleeping.

Stones in kidney, right side, pain started 1 year ago as cystitis, since last April started severe pain < long walking, heavy work.Burning in the urethra after urination, > tepid water.
Pain in the knees extends down (more right side). Swelling and pain in legs, more right side (right leg had trauma), now heaviness and weakness < rainy weather. Pain in neck and shoulders, < sitting in front of computer.
Haemorrhoids since 15 yrs. old, bleeding sometimes < after antibiotics, burning pain > washing with warm water. Cyst in the left ovary.Pain in the right side inguinal region. Palpitation sometimes.

Patient Medical History

She had mumps,
13 yrsold appendectomy, wound healed long time, there was pussy discharge
Menarche 11 yrs old, 28 – 30/3 days, with clothes, dark colour
2 years ago dog has beaten
Mother – thyroid problem, liver problem
Father – heart problem, heart failure

Before coming to the Homeopathy clinic she was taking treatment from different allopathic doctors: gastroenterologist, gynaecologist, urologist, traumatologist without any noticeable relief. Condition was getting worse and worse.


She reported in July 2019 and took regular homeppathic treatment during 11 months. Her last visit was in June 2020. Her digestive problems improved about 90 %, sometimes she was heaving slight distension. Headaches became very rare. No any urinary complaints. Pain and swelling in joints, extremities totally went.

Follow up after 6 months and 1 year, her health is remaining steady, no relapse.


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